Coke playing bongos in space under water.

Coke, C0ke, C0ke964 or c00kie is one of the 2 Danish members of Bumming Crew and a main character in the Bumming Crew episodes.


C0ke has a black mohawk and very short, shaved hair on either sides of it. He is slightly taller than most members of the Bumming Crew.


Coke enjoys making terrible puns, and not wearing a shirt. He is also over-reactive to most situations and insults towards him and quite childish. 


  • Coke has been shown to be gay on multiple occasions, such as in the episode "Can you hear that?" when he proclaims "Well, I'm gonna go bang Harry now!
  • Coke makes a cameo in the Eddsworld episode Fun Dead, which was animated by Paul ter Voorde. Paul has appeared in pictures in the Bumming Crew Christmas Special, and some of his characters such as Skeff's Dog and an alien from Space Face have appeared in the Bumming Crew episodes too.
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